The Joy of Torah Returns to ADI Negev

אנשים מביאים ספרי תורה לתוך חדר People carrying Sefer Torahs into a room

The tragic events that erupted on October 7 in the midst of the holiday of Simchat Torah are forever etched in our collective conscious. Still, despite the hurt, the ongoing pain over the fate of our hostages and the concern for the safety of our brave IDF soldiers, the resilience of the Jewish People and the hope for a brighter future live on.

An expression of this hope recently burst forth at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran as the parents of long-time resident Elyashiv Raphael Luzon came to the rehabilitation village to dedicate a Sefer Torah in honor of their son, as a merit for the safe return of all remaining hostages, and for the success of the IDF soldiers fighting in the fields.  Residents, students, volunteers, staff and rehabilitation patients joined in a belated Simchat Torah celebration together with the Luzon family and dozens of students from Yeshivat Susya, singing, dancing for hours on end in a joyous celebration of the inextinguishable lights of life and Torah.

May was share many more happy occasions with true joy in our hearts.

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