ADI Jerusalem

We Choose Life!

ADI Jerusalem (formerly ALEH Jerusalem) was founded in 1997 to provide dozens of children and young adults with multiple disabilities and complex medical conditions with the highest-level medical and rehabilitative care and the educational, vocational and social opportunities needed to reach their fullest potentials. 

At ADI Jerusalem, we believe that every individual has the right to live a happy, dignified, and meaningful life, and should be afforded every opportunity to realize his or her greatest potential.  This philosophy guides us as we develop and implement all programming and events at ADI Jerusalem, and every activity is professionally evaluated to ensure that they advance personal growth and promote greater independence and heightened self-esteem.

ADI Jerusalem provides its residents with the specialized services they need to grow and thrive:

  • Residential living
  • Medical care
  • Rehabilitative and therapeutic treatment
  • Special education
  • Vocational training opportunities
  • Social and cultural activities

Both ADI Jerusalem and its sister facility in Israel’s south, ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran, are under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, and the Department of People with Disabilities of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, and Social Services.

By the Numbers

At ADI Jerusalem, the impact of our dynamic and innovative care can’t be quantified. Still, we are always excited to share the numbers of partners and programs responsible for our consistent growth and development.


Special Education Students


Monthly Outpatient Treatments

National Service Volunteers

Books in our Tactile Library

Monthly Treatments at our Early Intervention Daycare Center

Weekly Volunteers

Our Vision

♦ Consistently strengthening and enhancing our abilities and resources to provide the best possible care and highest quality of life for every resident and special education student.

♦ Building personalized programs that are adapted to meet the needs of each individual and empower them to realize their greatest potentials.

♦ Providing every child and young adult with the same experiences as their non-disabled peers.

♦ Providing our residents with the best medical and therapeutic care by experienced medical, paramedical and nursing personnel.

♦ Viewing our residents’ conditions as challenges – rather than problems – that deserve the best possible solutions and dedicated care.

♦ Bringing the surrounding neighborhoods into ADI Jerusalem as our partners in creating a truly inclusive community.

♦ Creating a warm and loving home that is open to all people, every hour of every day.

♦ Working with total transparency and in complete cooperation with the residents’ family members to ensure their involvement in the daily lives of their loved ones, and that their voices are heard every step of the way.