Hands-On, Sensory Passover Lessons

ילד עם מגבלויות מחזק מרפד וקערה ריקה מבצק Boy with disabilities holding a spatula and empty cake bowl

ADI Jerusalem’s innovative educational staff gave special education students and residents a hands-on, sensory lesson about Passover food differences by having them prepare and taste-test cakes of their own making.

Using the same basic recipe, students prepared two sets of banana cakes, one with regular flour and one with matzo meal. During preparation, the eager bakers noticed differences in texture and baking time. Once the cakes were ready, it was time to taste-test, and both sets of cakes were devoured with equal enthusiasm. The final products were so delicious, students decided to share the cake with older residents in ADI’s young adult division who happily returned the gesture of friendship with smiles and hugs.
In other pre-Pesach activity, students tried their hands at matzo making, kneading and rolling the dough, then perforating the matzos with holes before sending them off to be baked.

With less than one week until Passover, the ADI Jerusalem educational team is making the most of each day, preparing students and residents for the upcoming holiday.

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