Volunteering with ADI in Israel

Do you like working with children? Do you like making a difference? Then volunteering at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran is perfect for you!

Due to the current situation in Israel, ADI’s International Volunteer Program has been suspended. We hope to renew the program in the very near future.

Volunteers are an intrinsic part of the ADI family, enriching the lives of ADI’s children with their enthusiasm and love. For their part, our hundreds of volunteers can attest to the difference the children have made in their lives, impacting them immeasurably. 

ADI has a multitude of volunteer opportunities to meet each individual’s skill set, preferences, and availability.

Woman holding a girl with disabilities in a swimming pool אישה מחזיקה בחורה עם מגבלויות בבריכה

"All the people here are an example and inspiration to humanity - the word "dedication" takes on new meaning each and every day anew"

Maya and Eitan T. - Parents of ADI Resident

At ADI Negev, volunteers are placed in residential units where they quickly become integrated with the staff. The tasks range from caregiving and supervision to assistance with activities and education. Your professional background and experience can be taken into consideration in deciding work placement. A minimum commitment of 4 weeks is required.  Please note: At this time, ADI Negev can only accept female applicants.

At ADI Jerusalem, we offer a real hands-on experience with our ADI children, which is why acceptance of volunteers is dependent upon a commitment of five months or more.

(Please note: at the moment, ADI Jerusalem does not provide housing.)

Volunteer Voices

“Volunteering at ADI was the most enriching and wonderful experience I have ever had. It literally changed my life.

Smiling young woman and child in outdoor selfie אישה מחייכת וילדה בתמונת סלפי בחוץ
"It’s very special to work and live at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran, to embrace my humanity and see what can happen when you give people with disabilities endless love and the tools and opportunities to grow and thrive.”
Joann Chmell
Tübingen, Germany
"I heard about the amazing work ADI does with people with disabilities. The meaningful therapeutic work they do with horses and animals to help fulfill and improve the lives of the residents really spoke to me so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with them."
Sarah Ertel
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Smiling boy with disabilities and volunteerבחור עם מגבלויות מחייך ולידו מתנדבת
"There’s a certain beauty in understanding that ADI’s kids are people just like us who are simply more dependent on others."
Sophie H.
Sinsheim, Germany
בחור עם מגבלויות בכסא גלגלים ולידו מתנדבת Young man with disabilities in a wheel chair next to a volunteer
"Working at ADI is not just a job or a list of tasks that needs to be completed – it’s something much greater. These are people – living beings – we’re working with and learning to love being with them is extremely important, enjoyable, and rewarding."
Merle N.
Gifhorn, Germany
Young man with disabilities in a wheelchair surrounded by volunteers בחור עם מגבלויות בכסא גלגלים מוקף מתנדבים
"Before coming to ADI, I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet people with disabilities. I now view these special souls in a whole new light. These lovable human beings are just that – human beings – and they have so much value to offer me and the rest of the world."
Anna S.
Schwerin, Germany
“The children of ADI taught me a lot of good things and they will always have a special place in my heart.”
Max C.
Puerto Rico
"It was an honor for me to be a part of the ADI team! I collected unforgettable impressions of unforgettable people!"
Lea T.
Plauen, Germany
“Volunteering at ADI was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life thus far. I cherished every single moment, from the first day to the last.”
Leor A.
Montreal, Canada
"We are grateful for the opportunity to use our time and talents as volunteers. We have grown as individuals and as a couple!"
Dick & Marja S.
Zwolle, Netherlands
"Working with the children at ADI Jerusalem has been a positive and uplifting experience! One that I will never forget!"
Sarah H.
Karlsbad, Germany
"These were magical moments in my life - to feel how simple acts of kindness and caring become so transformative in the lives of so many, SIMPLY EXHILARATING!
Dr. Violet E.
Toronto, Canada
בעל ואישה Husband and wife
"We consider it a privilege to be part of those who care for these residents. We enjoy our work with the residents, taking care of them and communicating with them in different ways."
Peter & Gerdien
Opheusden, Netherlands
“I went to ADI thinking that I would be a blessing to the residents but, the longer I volunteered, the more I realized that they were a blessing to me!”
Lazar S.
San Diego, California
“These kids might have special needs, but they are precious gifts, that help us grow and bring out the best in us.”
Salome H.
Schomberg, Germany
“ADI is a place for everyone, not only for children and adults with different abilities, but also for you and me, who ended up receiving more than what we could ever have contributed.”
Monique K.
Taipei, Taiwan
“The experiences with residents, as well as other parts of the ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran community, will be forever etched in my mind.”
Isabella S.
Menlo Park, California
“With an incredible variety or resources such as horse therapy, hydrotherapy, music therapy and new and interesting day-to-day activities, ADI keeps their residents active and happy in the best way possible!"
Rebecca S.
Morganville, New Jersey
“This amazing experience gave me the satisfaction of playing a role in someone’s else life. Volunteering was a way of giving back to the Israeli community while I gained valuable work experience.”
Anna-Suzette P.
Dusslingen, Germany
“Each resident has a unique ability to be vulnerable and completely authentic in the most life-giving way.”
Leo E.
Bodelshausen, Germany
“It’s easy to see what they can’t do. But ADI sees what they CAN do.”
Laura W.
Dusslingen, Germany

Application Procedure & Forms

If you are considering volunteer work in Israel, please take into account that the circumstances in Israel are very different to that in other countries. The complex political situation, the summer weather, and various cultural differences may present a challenge to foreign volunteers. Yet, they also make for an incredible experience. The most important thing is to come with an open mind and a positive attitude.

Interested in becoming a volunteer for ADI in Israel? You can let us know by filling out the Online Application Form, together with the other required documents/forms listed under “What does ADI need in order to process my application?“. In most cases, you will be contacted by e-mail several times during the screening process, and a phone/Zoom interview will be arranged with the volunteer coordinator prior to approval.

We recommend that you wait to book your ticket until after receiving official approval from ADI. Once your journey is booked, we would like to receive a scan of your ticket.

For most countries, ADI can arrange for a volunteer visa (with a maximum of 1 year and a possible extension of one more year). This might take some time, so please take that into consideration when you make your plans.

PLEASE NOTE: As per the instructions of the Ministry of Interior, we currently are only able to process volunteer applications of candidates with citizenships in the European Union, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Oceania. 

Volunteer requirements:

  • You are interested in working with children with severe intellectual and physical disabilities
  • You are between 18-35 years old.
  • You have a high command of the English language.
  • You are available for at least 4 weeks*.
  • You are in good health.
  • You are responsible for your own travel costs to, from, and within Israel.
  • You are prepared to work for 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.
  • You are prepared to promote ADI during and after your volunteer period through social media and/or other ways.

Additionally, experience in healthcare is preferable but certainly not a requirement. 

* Minimum volunteer period:

 – Former ADI volunteer : 1 month

 – Applicant with medical experience (doctor, nurse, therapist etc.): 3 months

 – All other applicants: 4 months 

  • A fantastic work environment and incredible volunteering experience
  • Room and board (ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran only)
  • Basic living supplies, including cleaning products, toiletries, sheets, detergents, etc.
  1. The completed online application form
  2. A recent Certificate of Good Conduct / Police Clearance Certificate (in English, certified by an Apostille in English and no more than 6 months old)
  3. Two filled out reference forms (by e.g. a congregation leader or employer) so that we can inquire about your employment history and communal involvement
  4. A completed doctor’s certificate of health signed by your general practitioner
  5. A scan of your passport (must remain valid until 6 months after finishing your stay in Israel)
  6. A filled out visa application form
  7. A current CV (Resume)
  8. A copy of your (ongoing) travel insurance with repatriation cover

Please note that the documents listed above may be scanned and sent by e-mail. Please make sure you scan both sides of the documents. It is important to take the original documents with you to Israel.