About ADI Israel

It's all in the name: ADI celebrates Ability at every level, promotes Diversity and insists on Inclusion.
"Changing the world one person at a time with patience and dignity. What an inspiration. Thank you for teaching us what is possible."

Steven R. JNF-USA Supporter

Our Mission

ADI is committed to helping individuals living with and touched by disability. Serving all parts of Israeli society, we aim to empower every person to reach or return to the height of their abilities, as we share our knowledge and experience for the benefit of all. 

What We Do

ADI focuses on enhancing and enriching the lives of every person we serve: individuals with disabilities, those facing rehabilitation, and family members coping with new realities. Regardless of how your life is impacted by disability, we are the extended family who can help you move forward.

By advancing ability, ADI empowers Israel’s most vulnerable individuals – children, adolescents and young adults with severe disabilities – to reach their greatest lifetime potentials. ADI is also reimagining rehabilitation, providing cutting-edge therapeutic and recovery services to individuals needing inpatient and outpatient care following an accident or health event at the first-ever rehabilitation hospital in Israel’s south. 

בחורה בכסא גלגלים ומלווה מחייכות Teen girl in wheelchair and aide smiling

ADI focuses on enhancing and enriching the lives of every person we serve. For our residents and special education students with severe disabilities, this entails custom health care, individualized growth plans, and goal-setting to advance personal fulfillment and achievement. For individuals facing rehabilitation, this involves accessing the best available rehabilitation care, innovations and resources they need and deserve.

ADI’s teams of professional staff and volunteers at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran and ADI Jerusalem are pioneering and sharing new ways to transform the lives of individuals in need of rehabilitation and their families. ADI also advocates, educates and leads efforts nationally and globally on disability inclusion, disability equity and providing rehabilitative care with dignity and a focus on the future.

"I've never seen unity and inclusion like I saw it here in this incredible village. We each think we are doing so much for the world, but it's nothing compared to what you are doing here. I proudly serve as the Ambassador of Italy, but I am now an ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran ambassador and volunteer for life."

Sergio Barbanti, Ambassador of Italy to Israel

Teacher and girl playing with a puppet. מורה ותלמידה משחקות עם בובת יד

ADI provides its residents and special education students with the specialized services they need to grow and thrive, its rehabilitation patients with the treatments and therapies they need to heal and return to their lives, and the community at large with tangible opportunities for encountering disability, raising awareness and promoting acceptance.

Our Partners