Educating Youth to Accessibility Awareness

Youth in a blindfold navigation exercise on steps outside צעירים בתרגיל ניידות עם עיניים מכוסות על מדרגות בחוץ

ADI  Centers’ Tikkun Olam (Fixing the World) program educates students about the challenges facing people living with disabilities and the importance of awareness, acceptance, inclusion and integration.

As part the program’s accessibility awareness strategy, throughout the year, students take part in hands-on activities in which they physically experience some of the mobility challenges facing people with disabilities. Most recently students from the Darka Rut school in Gedera and the Amit school in Beit Shemesh tried their hands at navigating pre-prepared stations and existing outdoor spaces with the goal of attaining a better understanding and more accepting attitude towards people for whom challenging navigation is an ongoing part of life.

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