The Broken Glass of Your Life

כותרת לשיר הזכוכית השבורה של חייך Title of poem The Broken Glass of Your Life

When a glass shatters on a holiday,
We say “Kapparah” – Let it be for an atonement.
Sometimes, we say “Mazal Tov” – Let it be for a good sign.
We say “May the experiences of the forefathers be a good omen for their children.”
We say “Let the children not suffer for the sins of their fathers.”

As you steered your tank to the south towards Tel Saki,
Full of determination, with a spirit of sacrifice,
You didn’t know that you were to become
A victim of the arrogance of others.

You didn’t ask about our forefathers’ experiences,
You didn’t ask about their sins.
You were right not to ask,
You filled your role,
As the victim sacrificing his life,
Atoning for the mistakes of his leaders.

The shofar blasts of Yom Kippur,
Transform into your pleas,
And the tallit (prayer shawl) of your bloodied life
Envelop me like your armored overalls.
Your fighting spirit is the last defensive barrier,
To protect the Third Temple,
The only safeguard,
Shielding fathers and sons.

We are the generation of Yom Kippur,
The glass that shatters on the holiday and is said to be for an atonement.
And the shards of the broken glass of your life,
Became the red carpet leading to the Hall of Heroism.
Your blood, my brother,
Remains the last defensive barrier.

I walk barefoot,
Among the shards of the broken glass of your life,
Trying to repair the fractures,
Trying to save lives,
Trying to live every moment of my life,
As though they were the final moments of yours.


Major General (Res.) Doron Avrutsky-Almog, Brother of Deputy Eran Avrutsky
Yom Kippur 16.9.21



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