The ALI Program: Inclusive Voluntarism Including Girls with Special Needs in Israel’s National Service Program

ADI Moriah’s unique ALI program, in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, enables teenage girls from religious backgrounds to take part in the government-sponsored “Mechina L’Chaim” (Preparing for Life) Program in a way that supports their lifestyle and culture.

Launched at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year together with the Givat Washington Academy and the National Service Organization, the program offers a three-year track with varied options. During the first two years, participants serve as National Service volunteers during morning hours, with afternoons and evenings dedicated to studies, enrichment courses and academic programs geared to empowerment and training towards independent living. Third-year options include participating in a professional choice program, including employment studies, appropriate to each girls’ abilities and characteristics.

Professional staff includes a program director, a social worker and an occupational therapist, as well as a dedicated group of warm and committed counselors, led and guided on a regular basis by ADI Moriah’s administration and professional staff.

The participating girls live in apartments within the Givat Washington community, adapted and renovated to their specific needs and supplied with all the furnishings and accessories needed to create a warm, pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.  The aesthetic and adapted environment enables both individual and group development.

In addition to professional workshops and classes, the young lADIes enjoy a rich selection of social activities including: communal Shabbats, trips, outings, entertainment, swimming and more. All of these add to the camaraderie and fellowship enjoyed by program participants.

Naama Sudkewitz, Director of ADI Moriah comments that “at ADI, we know that while the girls have much in common, each girl is unique in her personality, character traits, dreams, talents and abilities. This program aims to create a suitable path for each participant, enabling her to continue on the road to an independent and autonomous life, integrated and included within the community at large.”

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