Stroke Awareness Month at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitation Village

A stroke is a complex occurrence, with varying effects and consequences from person to person. While some may rehabilitate quickly following a stroke, fully returning to their previous lives, for others life takes a 180° turn, bringing on deep crises – they may be unable to return to work and may unexpectedly lose the ability to walk and talk at a relatively young age.

The rehabilitation staff at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran understands that alongside trADItional rehabilitative therapies, patients and their families whose lives were so tremendously shaken up require the support of additional enrichment activities.

Based on this understanding, the staff of ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran decided to organize Stroke Awareness Month, focusing the spotlight on the patients and their families and trying to provide assistance. Chana Navon-Porat, Rehabilitation Center social worker, led the month’s events in cooperation with the Ne’eman Foundation, an association established as a self-help organization for people with stroke-induced disabilities faced with a lack of community support in coping with the consequences of stroke on their lives.

As part of the events of this month, past and present rehabilitation patients and their families were invited to a series of lectures on topics: increased awareness of stroke risk factors, preventive measures associated with stroke, suggestions for coping with stroke’s after effects and post-stroke rehabilitation opportunities.

Lectures highlighted the medical aspects of stroke – risk and prevention factors (Dr. Michael Star), utilizing medical rights (Linoy Olenik, Esq.), and coping emotionally after a stroke (Ilana Shochet-Narkis, neurological psychologist). Village rehabilitation staff also contributed interesting content on the topic of stroke and cognition, post-stroke physical exercise, and the role of the media in day-to-day life and in central lobbying efforts. Also on exhibit was a selection of aids available to help post-stroke patients in daily life.

The Ne’eman Group is active in the village throughout the year, offering support, response and an attentive ear to stroke victims.

Stoke Awareness Month and this project was made possible thanks to the ongoing support and assistance of the JNF and Mrs. T. Lungwitz, founder of the “It’s Family Time” project, an initiative emphasizing the unique, central status of the patient and family.

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