Residents of ADI Bnei Brak enjoyed a wide range of special activities during the Pesach holiday, all facilitated by people from the community who came to make the holiday a true celebration for our children.

Nati came to volunteer her specialty, combining touch with music. Everyone knows how important loving and warm physical contact is for everyone, including for ADI’s children. Nati circulates among the children, giving each one a good dose of loving touch. This enables their bodies to become more relaxed, less tense. Nati focuses on very specific pressure points on the skull, and through movements that are almost imperceptible, calms the children and brings smiles to their faces. Each of 60 residents received personal, loving attention from Nati, who spoke of her passion for providing love to ADI’s kids.

The next celebration was an initiative of the HaSimcha Tenatzeach (Joy will Win) organization. This is a young and dynamic organization, whose members come to cheer up patients in hospitals, and they decided that ADI’s kids also deserve to have fun and to be happy! The volunteers danced and sang with the children, and created a particularly festive atmosphere. Some of the volunteers were even from overseas, people who had come to Israel for the holiday and wanted to do something a bit out of the ordinary. The highlight of the party was when favorite cartoon characters (volunteers in costume), came and joined in. At the end of the party, the volunteers didn’t want to leave, and kept playing music and singing… only dinner time managed to end the celebration.

Finally, residents had a special activity together with their parents! Karen, an experienced facilitator of groups for mothers and children with disabilities, who runs a special-education daycare. She brought kits that she had prepared for art activities, and guided the participants. Both parents and children had a wonderful time, and the results were certainly impressive!

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