Shavuot @ ADI Negev!

“Celebrate the Festival of Weeks with the first fruit of the wheat harvest”  Exodus 34:22

ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran rehabilitation village was decked out in white to celebrate the holiday of Shavout, the Festival of Weeks, inviting residents, staff, volunteers and family to the join in the festivities.

In consideration of village staff from the Arab sector who began the month-long Ramadan fast this week, holiday celebrations took place a week earlier.

Eyal Horn amazed everyone with his outstanding ball-balancing show. Colorful flowers and plants adorned village paths, laid out with a variety of food stands, while the Kolot Band kept up the lively atmosphere with music and songs.

No one could miss the village’s unique amphitheater, filled with people, children and adults, all of whom were enjoying the special show.

We are so grateful to all of the families who came to celebrate with us; to El Al’s magnificent stewardesses who never miss an event; to Tnuva, who so generously supplied us with an astounding array of dairy products; to the Israel Electric Company who enhanced the event; and, last but not least, to our astounding National Service girls and volunteers, who never cease to surprise us with their creativity and energy and the love they instill in the entire village.

It was truly a happy holiday for all.

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