Scoring a Triple A: Accessible Active Activities with KKL-JNF, Etgarim and Lotem

Boy in wheelchair spraying water from firehose בחור בכסא גלגלים משפריץ מים בצינור כיבוי אש

ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran residents went snappling, hiking and roping together with volunteers from Etgarim (Challenges), the Association for Social Empowerment and Integration of People with Disabilities in Beeri Forest, as part of KKL-JNF’s International Persons with Disabilities Day celebration.

Marked world-wide in late November, KKL-JNF pushed off their celebration of International Persons with Disabilities Day until December 5-6, to coincide with the last days of Chanukkah and enable families and people of all abilities to celebrate together.

Additional fun included outdoor arts and crafts workshops and musical activities led by counselors from Lotem, Making Nature Accessible.

Thanks, KKL-JNF, for once again addressing accessibility and integration and proving that, with a little innovation and lots of good will, anything is possible.

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