Relaxed, Uplifted & Loved: Yoga with Emma

While vacationing in South America, 24 year-old Emma Brusse met her future life partner, an Israeli named Yair.  After six long months apart, Emma decided to leave her native Canada and join Yair in Israel.  The young couple now lives in Kfar HaRif, a Moshav in southern Israel, and their love continues to flourish.

For the last three months, Emma has filled her days – and her heart – by volunteering at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran’s special education school.  Though Emma initially had some difficulty acclimating to the language and culture, her love for the ADI special education students carried her through, and she has developed deep and meaningful relations with each and every child.  A yoga instructor by profession, Emma has been giving special yoga lessons to the students in her class.  She dims the lights, puts on relaxing music, and adds some sensory and massage devices.  The children enjoy these sessions tremendously and respond with love and gratitude.

We are so grateful to Emma for her exceptional warmth, generosity and dedication.  Thank you, Emma, for spending your first few months in Israel with us and for always going the extra mile for our special education students – you will forever be a cherished member of the ADI family.  We wish you much success and continued happiness – you certainly deserve it!

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