New ADI Program Creates Equal Employment Opportunities 

Spanning 25 acres, ADI’s rehabilitative village in the Negev is truly the “jewel of the desert.”  Beyond the beauty of its social mission, it is also a feast for the eyes.  Sprawling, landscaped grounds surround its state-of-the-art residential, educational and rehabilitative facilities, with unique flowers and trees adorning every walkway and sitting area.

Thanks to a new program led by the village’s head gardener, Hemi Lifshitz, all of ADI Negev’s exquisite foliage is now lovingly tended to by individuals with disabilities.  Geared towards providing real and equal employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, the program currently employs 10 gardeners with special needs – both men and women – at a fair wage and within a supportive social framework.  The group works 4 days a week for about 5 hours a day, sharpening their gardening skills with every task.  Their professional growth is charted within the context of individualized advancement programs, and they are rewarded according to the level of professional knowledge they accumulate in the field as well as their contributions to the team’s gardening projects.

ADI Negev hopes to expand the program within the coming months in order to provide fulfilling and enjoyable employment opportunities to as many individuals with disabilities in the region as possible.

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