Meuhedet Appointees Visit ADI Jerusalem


Following recent appointments within Kupat Cholim Meuhedet’s Jerusalem District, ADI welcomed the new management appointees for a tour of ADI Jerusalem’s educational and rehabilitation center.

Ro’i Ben Moshe, Deputy Director of Meuhedet’s Jerusalem District, joined by Chief Financial Officer Lital Eisen-Setti and Ruti Ravitz, was deeply impressed with ADI’s range of community services and the standard of professionalism the group encountered at ADI.

Upon concluding his visit, Ben Moshe stated that his visit to ADI was based on the recommendation that ADI is a leADIng center for professional care in Jerusalem and that he was, indeed, truly impressed.

Shlomit Grayevsky, director of ADI Jerusalem, added, “We are very pleased with the productive cooperation and mutual stance between ADI Jerusalem and Kupat Cholim Meuhedit’s Jerusalem District regarding the range of services we offer Kupat Cholim clients and our common efforts to face the challenges before us in developing professional and effective services for the various groups-in-need throughout Jerusalem.”

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