Jerusalem Police Kick Off Annual Marathon Campaign with ADI

police officers from Jerusalem’s Lev HaBirah Station gathered at ADI’s residential facility in Jerusalem for a festive celebration that kicked off their fifth annual campaign to run with the ADI residents in the Jerusalem Winner Marathon. Throughout the year, the officers visit ADI on a weekly basis to train with the residents, their partners for the 800-meter “Community Track” on race day. The event served as an opportunity to recognize police officers who had participated in past years as well as recruit new volunteers for the initiative. ADI’s residents, staff and volunteers were also treated to a beautiful performance by the Israeli Police Orchestra, delicious sweets, balloons and costumed characters.

The brainchild of a police officer whose younger brother is an ADI resident, the inspiring project has captured the hearts of disability advocates around the world due to its ability to showcase the importance of those in the highest ranks becoming invested in disability inclusion efforts. With the aim of giving their ADI running partners a leg up, many of the police officers will actually be wearing children who cannot use walkers in special “walking harnesses.” Because they will be connected, every step taken by an officer is also taken by the child, giving children who have never even moved their own legs the ability to “run” in the marathon.

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