Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon Lights Chanukkah Candles at ADI Jerusalem

On the sixth night of Chanukkah, Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon was honored with lighting the Chanukkiah at ADI Jerusalem, together with CEO Shlomit Grayevski, ADI board member and Darchi Miriam CEO Areleh Weingarten, and ADI Vice-President in Charge of Regulation, Moshe Savil.

Mayor Leon took advantage of his visit to meet residents and staff and hear about ADI Jerusalem’s most recent projects and advancements in the areas of education, rehabilitation and community inclusion.

Mr. Leon presented the Jerusalem Certificate of Gratitude for Outstanding Security Personnel to Mr. Reuven Weisman, the long-time dedicated guard on duty at the entrance to ADI Jerusalem. Mr. Weisman has been especially effective over the past nine months, making certain that corona restrictions are adhered to, graciously and firmly keeping the doors of ADI closed against possible corona infiltration.

Mayor Moshe Leon lit the sixth candle of Chanukkah, reciting the blessings and joining in with traditional Chanukkah songs. ADI resident Tal lit an additional Chanukkiah using specially adapted switches.

Grateful for the opportunity to spend time with ADI residents during Chanukkah, Mayor Leon concluded his visit with warm words of thanks. “I appreciate your allowing me to be here with you this evening, the sixth night of Chanukkah, to light the Chanukkiah with you, and bring joy to these wonderful children. I would like to thank the amazing staff for the holy work done here day and night. I wish you all a happy Chanukkah.”

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