James, the CanADIan Firefighter

James has a special story. Six months each year James works as a firefighter in Canada’s northern forests, dedicating the second half of the year to voluntary activity and home renovation for people in society’s weaker population.

A few months ago, arriving for morning services at his usual synagogue in Toronto, James came across an article about ADI in the synagogue’s monthly newsletter. The story about Eran Almog and the establishment of the ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran rehabilitation village touched James’ heart. From there, the path to volunteering was a short one.

Upon his arrival at the village, James received a joint assignment, part-time activity with residents and part-time work in the village’s Safari. Three short weeks after he began, James already completed the wood cladding project for all of the Safari doors.

About his activity with the residents, James says, “Sagi and Yaki are like younger brothers to me. We play basketball together and I see them glow from happiness. I feel a strong connection to their souls, locked up in bodies with disabilities”.

From the cold, northern forests of Canada to the arid, southern desert of Israel, James the firefighter is working to ensure that all people receive the love and respect they deserve.

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