Integration and Independence

Regiment 636 soldiers: “If we can’t celebrate independence with our families, we’ll celebrate with the people.”

For the second year in a row, residents of ADI Jerusalem celebrated Israel Independence Day at Camp Ophir with soldiers from Zikit Company, Regiment 636 (Nitzan). Celebrating Israel’s 71st year, the soldiers, routinely engage in demanding operational missions, welcomed their guests with song and dance, afterwards moving on to the trADItional Independence Day

Tehilla Jasper, National Service volunteer at ADI Jerusalem cited the special atmosphere at the army base. “The soldiers welcomed us warmly and residents are happy here. Chagit, my friend at ADI, is having a great time. She loves the smell of the bar-b-q. In my mind, the most natural way to celebrate independence is here. This is where the best people are.”

Company Commander Yonatan Brenner: “We are truly happy to host the group from ADI at our regiment. I believe that today’s soldiers are the future of the country, and they are the ones who can relay the value of accepting the different to the younger generation. It warms the heart to see soldiers and children with disabilities so happy, celebrating the holiday together. As far as I’m concerned, this is the true Zionism.”

Yoav Kastel, Staff Commander of Zikit Company, Regiment 636: “It’s a joy to host children with special needs in our regiment, and especially to have them with us to celebrate Independence Day. Watching from the side, I see that we made the kids happy, but they also made us happy and brought lots of smiles to a lot of soldiers in the regiment. If we can’t celebrate independence with out families, we’ll have a celebration with added significance and celebrate with the nation’s best people!”

Jerusalem CEO Shlomit Grayevski added that, “Independence Day is a celebration for every person in the country and serves as a bridge between the different sectors of the population. Marking the day with a meeting between IDF soldiers and ADI residents is especially exciting and represents the strength of the nation in all areas. There is no better evening for such a joint celebration.”

Happy Birthday, Israel!

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