The Little Champions Foundation is an amazing organization. Established to raise money to help underprivileged Jewish children, foundation members achieve their goal by organizing gala fundraising events with great food, great atmosphere, and even greater intentions. Proceeds from each event benefit the little champions of the world – Jewish children.

Organizers of The Little Champions Foundation’s 7th annual fundraising event chose ADI as the sole beneficiary of this year’s fabulous evening.
Crowds of people came in support of ADI and to show their appreciation for all ADI does for children in Israel with severe and complex disabilities.

The Little Champions Foundation and all who participated in the event have certainly proved that they share ADI’s commitment towards a better and more humane society, a society in which the most fragile among us are able to live lives full of opportunity, growth, joy and love.

We thank The Little Champions Foundation for their thoughtfulness and partnership. The dedication and commitment of such caring people enable the children of ADI to reach new accomplishments and enjoy quality lives of inclusion and acceptance.

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