Foreign Volunteer Speak

ADI’s foreign volunteers come to give but leave as recipients.

This week, we sat down with a few volunteers for a short discussion and learned just how significant volunteering is for them.

Silke and Heidi from Germany, David from Columbia, Anca from Romania, Cyril from France, Jesse from Holland and NADIa from America all come from different geographical locations but their hearts and thoughts are all in the same place – caring and giving to others. Each of these special individual found what they were looking for at ADI Jerusalem, as they passionately volunteer with older residents.

“Giving that is getting,” was how they defined their activities. Silke added that volunteering at ADI is, “to gain in-depth knowledge of yourself and your abilities.” David defines volunteering at ADI as a blessing, and Anca summed it up with a call for more goodhearted people around the world to join in the sacred activity, to take time off from their careers and daily habits. In Anca’s own words, “to come to ADI is right for people looking for a challenge, who have a desire to push themselves to the maximum.”

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