First-graders at ADI Jerusalem Celebrate Receiving their First Prayer Books

All over the country, first graders were ending the school year with Siddur parties, celebrating receiving their first, very own prayer book. In that sense, ADI Jerusalem was one more school joining in the celebrations.

During the course of the school year, ADI Jerusalem students learned about prayer, visiting a synagogue, making a trip to the Western Wall and specifically learning about the importance and power of a child’s prayer.

Parents, children and staff jointly celebrated the momentous occasion. Participants took part in the rich programs centered on prayer and spoke about the personal wishers and prayers of each participant. The joyous party, including music and dancing as well as a computer presentation, culminated with a ceremony distributing the new prayer books – specially created with sensory-stimulating objects on each page – as proud parents looked on.

Not to be forgotten are the tastefully decorated room and delicious sweet table, both of which added to the party’s special atmosphere.

May all of our prayers be heard and answered.

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