Evolution of a Hug

Michal Levy from Pisgat Zev, Jerusalem, has been hugging babies at ADI Jerusalem for over a year. As part of ADI Jerusalem’s “Hugging Club,” Michal comes to ADI’s Jerusalem center twice weekly to provide babies living in ADI Jerusalem’s residential wing with some extra love, warmth and comfort.

Michal’s relationship with “her baby,” soon blossomed into more than cuddling, with her volunteer activity spreading to include two whole families, the parents of the young baby and Michal’s own family. Following in their mother’s footsteps, Michal’s children began volunteering at ADI Jerusalem in various capacities. Michal’s relationship with “her” baby’s family also grew consistently stronger, as the biological parents found in Michal a good friend with a listening ear who loved their child as much as they do.

An employee of Intel, Michal’s volunteering is actively promoted by the international corporation which encourages community activity among employees. Intel covers the cost of Michal’s volunteer time with funds earmarked for additional paramedical treatments for Michal’s baby.

Most recently, Michal mobilized co-workers at Intel to join in her community activity through a new initiative, collecting new and excellent-condition clothing for the children of ADI. Time spent sorting clothing and going through closets is reimbursed, and the children of ADI Jerusalem benefit from a stylish new wardrobe.

And it all began with one hug!

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