“Even Life’s Difficulties Can be a Gift”

אופיר לויוס עם ילדי עדי Ofir Levius with ADI children

Children, residents and students of ADI Jerusalem often welcome IDF soldiers who make their way to the busy center to encourage, rejoice and add some fun and music to daily routines. Last week’s visit by Brigadier General Ofir Levius involved some personally acquired insights and inspiration for ADI youngsters confronted by numerous physical challenges.

Brigadier General Ofir Levius, IDF’s Head of Doctrine and Training Division, arrived at ADI Jerusalem just in time to take part in Lag B’Omer celebrations. Smitten with the children he met and overcome with emotion, Levius told children and staff that, “throughout the course of my life, I learned that even life’s difficulties can be a gift.” As he spoke, Levius bent down and rolled his pant leg, displaying his prothesis for all to see.

With his own firsthand experience dealing with physical challenges, no one doubted Levius’ sincerity when he added that, “this place (ADI Jerusalem) is the ultimate gift to humanity,” and promised to recruit IDF volunteers for significant activity at ADI.

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