COVID-19 UPDATE: April 1, 2020

Passover Prep Proceeds Amid Pandemic

While the novel Coronavirus has turned our world upside down, time marches on, and the fact remains that Passover is less than a week away! In addition to implementing the strictest sterilization standards and providing our precious ADI residents with the highest level medical and rehabilitative care, our dedicated staff and volunteers have also been running wonderful activities to keep the residents calm and happy while teaching them about the upcoming holiday.

During circle time, now in much smaller groups and with at least 6 feet between each wheelchair, the residents sing Passover songs and learn the order of the Passover Seder. These small groups also work on arts and crafts projects that highlight the elements of the Seder plate and the festive return of spring.

Life may be anything but typical these days, but we are working diligently to give our residents a sense of normalcy and routine, and provide them with opportunities to connect with wonders of the season!

An Attitude of Gratitude Pervades ADI

Long before COVID-19, our ADI staff and volunteers proved themselves to be truly indispensable – hardworking, highly skilled, dynamic, empathetic, and loving. They are a dream team and an incomparable blessing for each and every one of our ADI residents with severe complex disabilities.

As the uncertainty surrounding this global pandemic intensifies, this tremendous team – though thinned dramatically in adherence to the strictest sterilization standards – continues to raise the bar, providing our residents with unparalleled medical and rehabilitative care and filling the halls of our ADI centers with warmth and laughter. Though their professionalism is surpassed only by their humility, we thank them constantly, making it clear that we are appreciative of their efforts and inspired by their sacrifice.

We express our sincerest thanks through letters, gifts and phone calls, giving love and personal attention to each member of the team, just as they focus on the individual needs of each resident in their care every hour of every day. Still, no words, gifts or actions could possibly convey the true depth of our gratitude to these supremely talented, wonderfully affectionate and eternally positive women and men. We are honored that they are part of our ADI family!

Emergency Campaign

The needs of our ADI children cannot be put on hold.

Public support is more important than ever to guarantee that our residents receive their daily respiratory treatments, their many specialized therapies that are critical to their care and development, and the medications and formulas that are not included in Israel’s health basket. With events, visitors, and fundraising meetings on hold, these vital services are in danger.

Though our ADI residents are being distanced from the public to safeguard their health, it is essential that they never feel alone.

We need your support!

By donating to ADI Israel, YOU will help us meet our goal to enable each child, regardless of the severity of disability.