Against All Odds: Aisha Transitions Home

Our little Aisha is a miracle. Soon after she was born, Aisha was rushed from the hospital straight to the intensive care ward at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran. The doctors were concerned that this sweet baby girl, who had been diagnosed with severe disabilities and complex medical problems, would be unable to overcome the obstacles that lay ahead of her.

But from the moment she arrived, Aisha was a fighter. Against all odds, she defied her prognosis. With the heart of a hero, Aisha made impressive strides on a daily basis, proving that she was capable of so much more than we ever anticipated.

Through the years, ADI’s dedicated and professional staff and volunteers have showered Aisha with love and affection, helping her through every stage of development, large and small – teaching her how to hold her own head up, witnessing her first smile, encouraging her to reach out for a toy, and celebrating her first word. Collectively, we have been amazed both by the challenges that she’s had to endure and her incredible ability to push forward and reach so many physical and emotional milestones.

Much to our delight, Aisha has developed a wonderful personality. She is rambunctious, opinionated, affectionate, and funny, and she loves to put on makeup and get her nails done. And since joining ADI’s special education school, Aisha has made extraordinary developmental leaps, including walking independently, following instructions, and learning like other children her age.

Recently, Aisha celebrated her sixth birthday, and the ADI social workers decided that it was time to help her take the next big step: living at home with her family. The process of helping Aisha transition into her family home has begun, and while we are so sad that she will be leaving ADI, we know that proper integration into the community is the best thing for her future development.

Transitioning Aisha into her new reality will be a long process that requires advanced planning, extreme care and agility. Aisha will slowly integrate into a special education program close to her home and visit her “extended family” at ADI Negev-Nachlat Eran from time to time.

While Aisha is truly unique, her inspirational journey is reminiscent of so many other success stories at ADI. Thanks to our staff’s unwavering belief in the abilities of every child, as well as their willingness to do whatever necessary to help each child learn and grow, our residents have developed well beyond their initial prognoses to live happy, dignified and meaningful lives.

We are very grateful to all of the partners who have taken part in this process, and we wish Aisha continued success. Here’s to our witty, charming and beautiful little Aisha and her incredible abilities!


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