ADI’s Children Celebrate Chanukah with their Families

ADI Jerusalem was alive with the joy of Chanukah as students from the kindergarten, the school, and the rehabilitative daycare center celebrated the holiday together with their families, on ADI premises.

Among other activities, ADI residents and their siblings played a novel game of darts in which ADI residents used adaptive spoons to fill syringes with red paint, and then handed the syringes over to their siblings, whose task it was to shoot the paint into the doughnut center. Everyone was a winner during this fun!

The party continued with greetings from ADI director Shlomit Grayevsky and senior staff members, as well as warm words from an ADI parent.

Fun and games resumed with more amazing activities involving ribbons, scarfs and shiny make-up. Not to be left out was the incredible food table at which everyone could create the doughnut of their dreams! What could beat that?!

Using their personal vocal output communication systems, the residents said the blessing over the candles and lit the menorahs, after which the party drew to an end with lively singing and dancing for all.

A bright start to a wonderful Chanukah!

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