ADI Residents Do the Grocery Shopping!

ADI Residents Do the Grocery Shopping!

ADI Residents Do the Grocery Shopping!

To the delight of ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran residents, a new makolet, or grocery story, has opened within the ADI Negev Special Education School. Run by and for the residents, it offers an unparalleled learning experience in the art of food shopping, purchasing and selling.

The makolet is stocked with snacks and various packaged foods. Residents are taught how to shop, spend money, engage in proper shopping behavior, and wait in line. They are accompanied by staff to a local supermarket where they select the items needed for sale at the ADI Negev store. Food products are given prices, and price lists are updated accordingly. Taking their turn as shopper or cashier, they run up their purchases on the cash register and complete their transactions. The ADI Negev makolet is fully accessible and inclusive for people of all abilities – to accommodate one blind resident, a price list has been made especially in braille!

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