ADI Moriah Volunteer Eliyahu Rosenfeld Singled Out by President Reuven Rivlin for Presidential Award

At a special ceremony held at the presidential residence for the 5,000 National Service volunteers serving in myriad positions throughout the country, President Reuven Rivlin singled out eight volunteers whose personal stories inspire, motivate and encourage. One of those special eight was 20-year-old Eliyahu Rosenfeld, ADI Moriah’s invaluable volunteer.

Exempt from army service for medical reasons, Eliyahu decided to use this time to volunteer and help others.

“During my time in school, we came to visit ADI Moriah in Gedera. I knew that no one from my class would be volunteering at ADI Moriah, but when I saw that there was so much I could do to help, I decided to accept the task and assist as much as possible in whatever I could,” said Eliyahu. “I’m happy that I chose this place that gives me so much satisfaction. In the beginning, I didn’t think that people who couldn’t speak would ever be able to express their joy in seeing me in a way that I could understand, or that I would succeed in communicating with them . . . but as time went by, I understood that although they may not be able to speak, they can express their emotions and show appreciation and warmth.”

Chani Krispin, director of ADI Moriah’s residences, adds: “Working with the most vulnerable members of our society who can’t speak or say thank you is a challenge, but Eliyahu is special. He is the first male National Service volunteer to work in the therapeutic workshop with young adults with intellectual disabilities. It is a real challenge to work here. He is amazingly successful. It’s an exceptional experience to see him work with the residents here.”

Eliyahu plans on continuing his second year of National Service at ADI Moriah. “I was surprised (to receive the prize) . . . it’s nice that the work is appreciated . . . that means that I’m doing something good and it’s great to know that. I’ll be continuing here next year and it makes me happy to know that I’ll be able to continue helping people.”

Staff, residents and families of ADI facilities congratulate Eliyahu on the honor he received. Eliyahu is one of the many dedicated National Service volunteers who act above and beyond the call of duty to help ADI residents attain quality lives and reach their utmost potential.

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