ADI Moriah – Making Dreams Come True

ADI Moriah – Making Dreams Come True

ADI Moriah – Making Dreams Come True

MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE is a new program, initiated and implemented by the dynamic National Service volunteers of ADI Moriah, in which staff and volunteers join forces to make each resident’s dreams become reality.

The program begins by first discovering our residents’ dreams.  This includes speaking to the resident, the staff closest to the resident, and his/her family.  Once we know that hidden dream, our goal is to make that dream come true, to the tune of one dream each month.

33-year-old Na’or, who always wanted to visit the home of a staff member (“Can I come to your house?”) was the first to have his dream come true during February, when ADI Moriah social worker Meital Yifrach invited Na’or to her home at nearby Kibbutz Kfar Menachem.

In preparation for the trip, Na’or was presented with a shirt bearing his name and a time-schedule of the visit, displayed in pictures. Following an exciting buildup period, where the staff talked to Na’or about the trip, the day finally arrived.  The dedicated National Service volunteers travelled with Na’or to the kibbutz, where he was first given a tour of the kibbutz barns, laundromat and factory.

When he got to Meital’s home, Na’or was treated like the honored guest he was. He asked to see each room, offering his opinion about everything he saw. After partaking of refreshments, Na’or and Meital went to visit Meital’s children in school and kindergarten, where they were warmly received by the children and their teachers. The students gathered to shake hands with Na’or, presenting him with a small gift, a disk of Na’or’s favorite songs. It was hard to tell who was more excited – Na’or, who was living his dream, or the young students who had their first experience with inclusion.

Special thanks to teachers Esti and Chen who made the school visit possible, to Yosef, our pleasant driver, to the dedicated ADI Moriah staff, and our incredible National Service volunteers, the motivating force behind the program.

Stay tuned for more DREAMS COME TRUE!

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