ADI Moriah and Nir Galim Celebrate Shavuot Together

Approximately 30 residents from ADI Moriah in Gedera were welcomed to Nir Galim moshav immediately prior to Shavuot, the Holiday of Weeks, to celebrate and learn about holiday customs. Together with their hosts and accompanying school staff, residents enjoyed various holiday trADItions: dancing with a Torah, giving charity and tasting delicious dairy dishes. Musician Oded Satar enriched the occasion with lively music.

Thanks to the dedicated ADI Moriah school staff, the visit included a creative arts and crafts workshop, with residents making decorations of colorful flowers using recycled materials including bottles and pieces of plastic to enhance the holiday.

The visit concluded with a guided tour of the Moshav’s dairy barn, providing residents with a  real-life dairy production demonstration, just as they learned in science class.

Holiday preparations continued back in school with residents making their own cheesecakes.

Without a doubt, ADI Moriah residents had a wonderful experience, instilling them with real holiday joy.

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