ADI Jerusalem Reopens to Visitors!

Following a comprehensive vaccination campaign for students and staff, ADI Jerusalem slowly and cautiously reopened its doors to visitors after almost a year of strict self-quarantine and COVID-regulated seclusion.

ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran chairman Major-Gen. (res.) Doron Almog and village CEO Avi Wortzman were first to take advantage of the reopening to visit colleague Shlomit Grayevsky, ADI Jerusalem CEO, and take a close-up look at the center after a year’s absence. Doron and Avi were joined by Moshe Savil, Deputy Director in Charge of Regulation, and Sarah Herskowitz, Director of International Relations.

The group toured the building, met up with residents of all ages and stopped off in a classroom to participate in an adapted sports activity with Special Education School students. The visit provided a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds between the two centers and sketch new plans for continued growth and development.

On the footsteps of this first visit, ADI Jerusalem welcomed Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem and holder of Education Portfolio Avraham Betzalel, a first-time visitor to the center. As he toured the facility and saw the different programs, classrooms, wide-range of activity and therapies open to residents and outpatients from all over the city, Mr. Betzalel stood in awe of the positive atmosphere and the creativity and initiative as well as the total dedication exhibited by every member of the ADI staff.

Upon conclusion of his visit, the Deputy Mayor left a warm note in the center’s guest book. “It is extremely moving to see your dedicated work for the benefit of these children and dear souls. I was truly moved by your total devotion to each and every child, definitely not something to be taken for granted. I thank you for allowing me to stand by you and I will continue doing whatever I can to help you.”

We sincerely hope that these preliminary visits indicate the beginning of a new post-COVID reality in which we will be able to welcome the many visitors and volunteers who have always played such a vital role in ADI Jerusalem life.

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