ADI Jerusalem Ends the School Year with a Fun-packed Outdoor Celebration

Students at ADI Jerusalem celebrated the school year’s end with parents, siblings, volunteers and staff in an action-filled party at the Wohl Rose Park known to all as Gan HaVrADIm.

Activities at the event were suited to all ages and levels of function, ensuring everyone’s happiness and enjoyment. Children rolled and jumped with huge jamboree balls on the wide expanses of grass, relishing the perfect weather. ADI’s dedicated friends from the Israeli Police Force joined the party, demonstrating a fingerprint identification station, showing off the prowess of police dogs and presenting to the crowd a real police robot!

Suddenly, with perfect timing as if by invitation, a real helicopter made a landing at the park’s landing station, enabling all present to view the helicopter as it descended, getting a great close-up view of the huge machine!

Staff, parents and students utilized the opportunity of everyone being together to express their thanks and gratitude to Mrs. Ruti Wallach, who is moving on after 17 years of dedicated service as house mother to ADI Jerusalem residents.

The wonderful day finally concluded with a lively darbuka drum show that got everyone up and hopping to the music.

The outstanding happening enabled important interaction between residents and their siblings, staff and parents in a spontaneous and fun-filled environment, making the hours and hours of logistical planning, attaining permits, bringing medical equipment, food, speakers and other necessities were well worth the effort.

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