A Very Special Wedding

Matan and Talia met about two years ago at a volunteers’ Shabbat at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran, and it was love at first sight, which just strengthened through their common service at the Village. At the end of a special “graduates’ Shabbat” in February, Matan proposed to Talia on bended knee, in the place where they had first met and fallen in love. Their friends knew about the imminent event, and had decorated the area with candles and flower petals.

Last week, they celebrated their wedding. Talia kept her promise to invite the residents of the Zohar House, with whom she volunteered during her National Service at the Village.

From the day that the residents received the wedding invitations, they didn’t stop saying “wedding, wedding,” with a smile that never left their faces. On the big day, the residents got ready, put on make-up and jewelry, and wore their best clothes. The great excitement was totally tangible when they saw Talia in her white wedding dress, under the chupa.

Talia says that ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran is a family that will be in her heart forever, and that she naturally wanted to share the most exciting day of her life with the village’s residents, who had followed her love story with Matan since it began.

MAZAL TOV to the newly-wed couple, our dear Matan and Talia. May you always have abundance, good health, and much good luck and love!

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