A Southern Trip for Staff Appreciation

The month long period of Jewish holidays, from Rosh Hashanah through Simchat Torah, keeps everyone busy, and ADI staff is no exception. Meaningful programs and parties formulated to instill holiday atmosphere and teach residents about each special day require a lot of planning and work. Often, the extra efforts of the previous month are only felt upon return to standard routine.

Now that students are once again set in their regular schedules, ADI Moriah decided that the time was ripe to convey appreciation to staff members for their extra devotion, commitment and attentiveness to residents’ needs during this busy time.

For a total change of scenery, ADI Moriah staff made their way south to Eilat where they took in the city’s wonderful weather and beautiful scenery. A good time was enjoyed by all at some of Eilat’s favorite recreational sites, after which everyone gathered together for a special staff activity.

The refreshing mini-holiday endowed everyone with renewed strength and energy for continued activity as we enter the winter season activity.

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