A Dream Comes True: Omer is a Professional Soccer Player!

A Dream Comes True: Omer is a Professional Soccer Player!

A Dream Comes True: Omer is a Professional Soccer Player!

Omer will never forget the day his dream came true. Despite his physical disabilities, Omer joined the Nes Tziona Sektzia soccer team for the field practice that guaranteed the team’s moving up to the National League.

13-year-old Omer has cognitive developmental disabilities and lives at ADI Moriah in Gedera along with other residents with various disabilities. As part of his regular schedule, Omer participates in therapeutic rehabilitation and attends ADI’s on-premises special education school.

This year, ADI’s incredibly dedicated National Service volunteers initiated a new program at ADI Moriah in Gedera: Making Dreams Come True, in which they realize a dream for each resident, according to his/her area of interest. Omer loves to play soccer and can even kick a ball like a professional, so it was only natural that Omer’s dream was to play with professionals.

ADI Moriah’s resourceful National Service girls didn’t hesitate. They contacted social activist Sivan Avishag Levy who in turn got in touch with Avi Ludrick, owner of the engineering firm A. Ludrick. In the past, Avi administered the Maccabi Shearim soccer team and he still has plenty of contacts with movers and shakers in the sports’ world, which made it easy for him to contact the Sektzia administration. CEO Ronen Zeigerman and owner Eli Cohen immediately raised the gauntlet, agreeing to make Omer’s dream come true.

On April 22, the entire Nes Tziona team waited for Omer, presenting him with a team shirt when he arrived and a soccer ball signed by the each of the players. Team members then invited Omer to the field, warmly including him in their practice as a team regular. After practice, fellow team members presented Omer with a chocolate soccer ball, cake and candy. Omer enjoyed a unique day of fun, running on the open field, loving the huge expanse and the numerous balls rolling around in every direction.

According to Avi Ludrick, having Omer join the team was a great privilege. “The wonderful privilege of making a dream come true came our way. When you do things based on giving and love, wonderful things happen. As far as I’m concerned, this was a special mission, over and above making a dream come true for a boy who would never be able to achieve this in his day-to-day life. I think that we have to publicize this and show the entire country how much the organization (ADI) gives to residents with disabilities, enabling them to experience life and live like everyone else.”

Naama Sudkovitz, director of ADI Moriah in Gedera added, “We were extremely excited to see how Avi and Sivan and the entire Nes Tziona team got together for the benefit of our special resident. The special light of people with disabilities, and the understanding that they are an integral part of society will bring significant social change to the State of Israel, in the way people relate to people with disabilities and accept the other within society.”

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