A Dream Come True: Revivo Project Rocks with Refael

Revivo Project with Refael פרויקט רביבו עם רפאל

ADI Jerusalem was taken by storm when Raviv, Nir and Eliran of the Revivo Project showed up at the center this past Friday to celebrate Refael Karni’s 23rd birthday.

National Service volunteers Sefi Fleischman and Tehila Bar Meir wanted to do something very special for Refael’s birthday. Knowing how he loves to watch and listen to the Revivo Project, the two volunteers flooded their social media with posts about Refael’s dream to see the group in person. Persistence paid off, and this past Friday the Revivo Project came to ADI Jerusalem to make Refael’s dream come true.


Clapping, singing and dancing, the upbeat trio set the tone for one of the happiest and most fun-loving birthday parties ADI Jerusalem has known. A huge smile shined on Refael’s face during the entire visit.



Shlomit Grayevski, CEO of ADI Jerusalem, thanked the well-known Israeli band for taking time from their busy schedules to celebrate with Refael, noting that, “we all witnessed and felt your warm and caring hearts. What you did today is so much more than bringing happiness to Refael. Your buoyant personalities have contributed to all of the children at ADI, and we hope this is only the beginning of a long relationship.”

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