A Corona-style Birthday for Eliashiv

This week, ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran resident Eliashiv Luzon celebrated his 25th birthday.

 During usual times, Eliashiv’s birthday is a huge family affair. Eliashiv and his eight brothers and sisters, some of whom are married with families of their own, either get together for a party by the pool, one of Eliashiv’s favorite activities, or enjoy a Shabbat together with total family participation.

But this year is not “usual times,” and the COVID-19 social-distancing restrictions limit Eliashiv’s annual festivity to a more restricted celebration.

Eliashiv’s parents came to visit him at the village, instead of taking him home as usual. “It’s sad, but happy. I can see that Eliashiv misses us. He understands that we only came for a visit, so he’s a little sad, but I know that we made the right choice. I know that he is content and that village staff want to do what is best for him. Their thoughtfulness, professionalism, caring and responsibility are so worthy of admiration and appreciation,” declares Yael, Eliashiv’s mother.

The meeting between Eliashiv’s parents and village residents took place in a sterilized room, according to the strictest hygienic regulations. Eliashiv’s parent brought in balloons and refreshments and spent the time singing and rejoicing with their son, after which Eliashiv continued the celebration with staff, National Service volunteers and his friends and fellow residents in the village’s Ofek House.

We have faced many new challenges during the past period, have found new ways to enjoy life’s smaller pleasures and learned to appreciate what we have. We all look forward to a return to past routines, to the quiet and calm and family meetings that defined the pre-corona era.

Thank you to our residents’ wonderful families, to our dedicated staff and National Service girls who generate light and love throughout the village.

Happy Birthday, Eliashiv!

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