The Lillian & David E. Feldman Research Center for Rehabilitation Sciences including

Israel’s First Translational Neuro-Rehabilitation Research Lab

Transforming rehabilitation through translational research at the

Lillian and David E. Feldman Research Center at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran

The Lillian and David E. Feldman Research Center for Rehabilitation Sciences, located within the Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center, is dedicated to translating neuroscience and rehabilitation research into innovative rehabilitation techniques and technologies. Incorporating Israel’s first translational neuro-rehabilitation research lab, the Feldman Research Center aims to minimize the gap between research and actualization of innovative methodologies for more immediate patient benefit.

Driven by a basic aim for scientific advancement and the specific desire to enable patients to achieve a higher degree of recovery, the Center is a hub of activity, simultaneously involved in a number of multi-disciplinary research projects. Its presence at the hospital accords the Center the unique opportunity to transform the research and development process, accelerating the development of new rehabilitative therapies and tools for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of brain injuries and motor disabilities.

A current area of focus at the Feldman Research Center for Rehabilitation Sciences concentrates on neuro-rehabilitation for stroke victims. Research data suggests that recovery from stroke occurs primarily in the first three months following the incident. With nearly 17 million people worldwide experiencing a stroke each year, the lab’s focus on reimagining recovery and prognosis during those critical three months will be benefit stroke victims throughout the world and contribute to the development of therapeutics for those suffering from other brain injuries and motor disabilities.

Additional research projects currently underway at the center include:

  • Effectiveness of rehabilitation mentoring
  • Development of the SMART Belt Senso-Gait
  • EEG rehabilitation of upper limbs
  • Telemedicine advancement project
  • Examining the effects of care provided to patients of similar backgrounds living in areas with different health-care services

The Feldman Research Center has recruited some of the most qualified research professionals worldwide, and the vision, drive, and experience of our multi-disciplinary team will ensure that we make great strides on behalf of those suffering from brain injuries and motor disabilities.

National and international collaborations that will multiply the impact of present and future projects are already underway and include:

  • Ben Gurion University, Departments of Engineering and Brain Science
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • The Israel Innovations Authority
  • The University of Southern California
  • Irbid National University in Jordan
  • The Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Sheba Medical Center

We invite you to partner with the Feldman Research Center for Rehabilitation Sciences and become a part of the future.

Join us today to make a truly life-altering impact as we transform rehabilitative care in Israel and beyond.


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