Specialized Seating

By reimagining rehabilitation, ADI is advancing ability for all – empowering children, adolescents and adults with severe disabilities and providing cutting edge therapeutic and recovery services for anyone touched by disability. ADI provides its residents and special education students with the individualized growth plans and specialized services they need to grow and thrive, its rehabilitation patients with the inpatient and outpatient treatments and therapies they need to heal and return to their lives, and the community at large with tangible opportunities for encountering disability, raising awareness and promoting acceptance.

Specialized Seating

To keep our special education students (who are not wheelchair users) safe and focused on each days lesson, we rely on adjustable seating systems heavy, specially built chairs with attachable desktops and a non-flip mechanism. These seating systems come in various sizes and configurations, and are adjusted to meet the specific needs of each and every child.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to keep our ADI special education students secure and engaged throughout the school year.

YOUR SUPPORT will help us provide every member of our ADI family with the tools they need to keep them grounded (literally) so they can soar!

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