Volunteers Live the Bible

Volunteers Live the Bible

Yesterday, we had a fantastic outing in Jerusalem with our wonderful volunteers! Our day started with a meeting and a short tour of ADI’s Jerusalem facility. We then enjoyed a yummy Israeli lunch at Pinati in the center of town. During our walk to the old city, we shared our experiences at ADI with one another. We then walked on top of the old city walls from Jaffa Gate to Herod’s Gate, seeing beautiful views of the city the whole time. We saw schools, kindergartens, beautiful parks, bakeries, and so much more inside the old city. Leaving the walls, we walked along the famous Via Dolorosa, visited the Kotel and finally reached “Live the Bible” to have a “biblical moment”. We had a lot of fun dressing up as biblical characters such as the High Priest, Moses, the spies, Goliath, etc. Great pictures were taken, and tourists also had a lot of fun taking pictures of us all dressed up in biblical costumes. This outing was a great opportunity to express our gratitude to ADI’s volunteers for the altruistic and devoted work they do to benefit Israel’s neediest people. THANK YOU, from the entire ADI family!

Pictures: ADI and https://www.facebook.com/livethebiblejerusalem/

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