Meet Felix from Paraguay

Meet Felix from Paraguay

I am writing because I believe that each person I met while volunteering has his own story to tell. I chose to tell about Amos. Although I met Amos during the final stage of my volunteering, I can say that the connection I made with him was so strong, he feels as family to me.

When we started talking, he began patiently to repeat his questions, while teaching me many things. He cared that I would do my job well, advising me, and telling me that it would be better to do certain things in certain situations. Then everything flowed more, and there was almost nothing that I did not understand. Everything became so easy, his help was so great for me. I received so many things, sweets, gifts, not only from him but also from his family.

This picture was taken on his last day in rehabilitation. We cried a little, but mostly we laughed a lot and were happy for our moments together.

Certainly one arrives here in ADI Negev hoping to do something to help, looking for a way to give. But I ended up being so full. The one that received in the end was me!

I am so grateful to ADI for the unique opportunity I had to meet such wonderful people such as Amos and many others.

I don’t have enough time to tell about all the wonderful stories and interactions but I must say this experience filled me with so much love and significance that I would not change it for anything.

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