A Letter to Doron Almog

A Letter to Doron Almog

Dear Doron,

Last Sunday we saw each another at the meeting for the volunteers. We are impressed by your story and your vision of the disabled.

Yesterday was our last working day and we would like to thank you.

It is unique how volunteers are received at ADI, we feel that there is an enormous trust in us. We are grateful for the opportunity we have had here to use our time and talents as volunteers. Because at ADI we are allowed to work whole working days, 5 in a week, we got the opportunity to get know the residents and the supervisors very well. A unique opportunity.

When we arrived at the end of December at ADI Negev we felt we were embarking on an adventure.

Now that we have said goodbye, we are bringing home a diamond of memories.  Each surface of the diamond has its own sparkle. Firstly, the work for the disabled, but also working with carers, Bnot Sherut, with the volunteers. But there is also the beautiful location in the desert, the outing with the other volunteers, living in Israel and, this made a big impression on us: the event with the people from Taiwan. Moving how everyone, especially the disabled, could be part of this event.

Thanks again!!!

Next year we hope to come back as volunteers in life and well-being.

Gods blessings for you and ADI.

With kindly regards, Dick and Marja

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