People Power: Refael’s Day at the Beach

Every one of us has the power to positively impact others, and what we may consider a small act can make a huge difference in their lives. Refael’s surprise day out at the beach is the perfect example.

Yesterday, following two months in quarantine abiding by the strictest sterilization protocols, the medical staff at ADI’s residential and rehabilitative center in Jerusalem decided that it was safe to send longtime ADI resident Refael to Rishon Lezion for crucial adjustments to his mobility equipment.  When the ADI staff called the ambulette driver, Miki Cohen, to tell him the plan, Miki asked if he would be able to take a small detour and spend some time with Refael (and his dedicated ADI volunteer) at the beach. After years of taking the ADI residents on wonderful trips, Miki knew how much Refael would enjoy being at the beach, especially after so many weeks in isolation. The trip was approved, and Refael genuinely enjoyed his special day out. We are so grateful for this tremendous act of kindness and gratified that so many wonderful people like Miki Cohen are part of our extended ADI family.

Small acts of thoughtfulness, kindness and compassion can make a huge impact. That’s PEOPLE POWER!

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