Mitzvah Day 2018

Children at Akiva Primary School Created Special Sensory Chanukah Cards for ALEH’s Children in Israel.

Mitzvah Day 2018 was incredible for the children of ALEH, who were fortunate to enjoy the continued support of students at Akiva school. Year 1 students met with the Director of the British Friends of ALEH, Liron Rosiner-Reshef, and talked about inclusion and how they can support people with disabilities. They also created special sensory Chanukah cards for ALEH’s children in Israel. The children’s answers to the question whether they have ever seen a person with a disability, were truly inspiring. The students gave examples of people with various disabilities, but amazingly their focus wasn’t on their limitations, instead they highlighted what these people can do despite their impairments. They mentioned people with disabilities who are artists, chefs and famous sports figures. This point of view and attitude fit well with ALEH’s empowering motto of finding the ability within disability, which allows over 750 children in Israel, to reach their full potential and live life to the fullest. ALEH is grateful for being chosen as Akiva school’s Israeli charity for 2019, and for being able to expose Akiva’s students to such a meaningful lesson through various educational projects ALEH has been running together with the school.”

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