The British Friends of ALEH’s Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance & Inclusion Month (#JDAIM) campaign continued in full strength throughout February as ALEH’s Young Leadership Committee hosted a series of breakfasts, teas and dinners to promote JDAIM and raise awareness of ALEH’s unique network of disability care in Israel. The events hosted by the committee members drew more than 50 participants and featured a series of interactive activities such as blindfolded pancake decorating and discussions around the importance and great value of inclusion of people with disabilities.

“Organizing these events have been a great way to educate others about ALEH’s empowering approach of looking for the abilities within each disabilities, as well as sharing how ALEH transforms the lives of hundreds of Israeli children with severe disabilities,” said Gemma Ginsberg of the British Friends of ALEH’s Young Leadership Committee. “JDAIM is a call to action for all of us in the Jewish community to take responsibility and to act according to our Jewish values, celebrating the rights of all Jews to be included and to participate in all aspects of Jewish life, regardless of their disability.”

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