Hector and Ophelia Roitman – The Miracle Couple

Hector and Ophelia Roitman הקטור ואופליה רויטמן

Hector Roitman, an artist from Kibbutz Nir Oz, was hospitalized in the orthopedic ward of the Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center on October 4, 2023 due to a broken hip. Hector’s wife, Ophelia, would visit him each morning, until October 7. That morning, Ophelia managed an early call to Hector, asking what to bring him that day. Shortly thereafter, Hamas terrorists infiltrated the kibbutz; Ophelia was captured and taken hostage.

Hector remained in the hospital, worried and anxious, supported by his children and the hospital’s caring staff. When Hector was discharged from the hospital, he and his family thanked the staff for the overwhelming support, sympathy and special attention Hector received during such a trying time. Hector promised that the Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center would be the first place he would visit with his wife once she was released. A few days later, Hector was able to keep his promise, as Ophelia was returned together with other female hostages after 53 days in captivity.

There was not a dry eye among participants in the hospital’s welcome home ceremony when Hector and Ophelia spoke of their experiences and joined hospital staff in praying for the speedy release of the remaining hostages.

The highlight of the evening was Hector’s presentation of a ceramic mosaic containing the word “return,” which he had worked on during the period of his hospitalization.

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