Gil walked on his own two feet!

Man with a walker standing in a hallway איש עם הליכון עומד בפרוזדור

Age 63, Gil Demari is a married father of two from Be’er Sheva. Gil was hospitalized from April through August 2023 following complications from prosthetic surgery that resulted in a severe infection throughout his entire body, general body-system failure and extensive pressure sores caused by infrequent changing of position. When he arrived at the Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center, Gil could not move at all and was transported by hoist.

A short while after arriving, Gil suffered a stroke, following which he was readmitted to a general hospital. Gil subsequently returned to us for rehabilitation, and he remained at the rehabilitation center for four months, concentrating on intense physiotherapy sessions and daily exercise in the gym. Gil’s situation improved from day to day, helped along by the emotional therapy and occupational therapy treatments.

Upon discharge from the hospital, Gil walked on his own two feet, assisted by a walker. Gil’s body regained its functional abilities and the pressure sores fully healed. Gil continues treatment at the medical center’s outpatient services clinic, with the intended goal of regaining as much functioning as possible. Gil underwent a dramatic transformation at the Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center, leaving the hospital much different than when he arrived, transported by hoist and unable to move his body.

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