“Daddy, please wake up!”

איש יושב על מיטב בבית חולים Man sitting on a hospital bed

Major Ohr Meatuk, commander of a Givati brigade, was critically injured when an anti-tank missile struck his tank. At the time of the strike, Ohr was standing with half of his body outside of the tank, trying to identify enemy positions.

The missile strike caused an explosion and all of the shrapnel flew towards Ohr. Ohr was evacuated by helicopter to Sheba Hospital in critical condition where doctors fought to save his life. After being sedated and ventilated for four days, the doctors decided the time had come to rouse Ohr back into consciousness. After several failed attempts, Hodaya, Ohr’s wife, held her phone next to Ohr’s ear and had their two-year-old daughter Yael speak to her father, saying “Daddy, please wake up.” Miraculously, Or immediately opened his eyes.

“I don’t recall the moment I heard Yael, but I remember the moment I woke up. It is hard for me to believe that is what happened, but one of the doctors told me he saw it. I have no explanation, it happened in my subconscious, but it proves the great love that exists for the small child who is there at home, running around the house. It is because of her that I am awake. Every time I listen to that recording, I begin to cry. I realize how much I miss her and how I want her to be here with me.”

Upon discharge from Sheba, Ohr began rehabilitation at the Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center. As residents of the city of Netivot in southern Israel, Ohr is now close to his wife and daughter. Ohr’s staunch determination has resulted in amazing progress, and he has recently begun working out at the rehabilitation center’s gym, willingly sharing his inspiring story with others.

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