Programs & Services

Programs & Services

ADI provides comprehensive residential and rehabilitative care for individuals with severe disabilities, empowering them to advance well beyond their initial prognoses and live happy, dignified, and meaningful lives.


For a child with severe disabilities, activities such as taking a walk, combing hair and eating with a fork can present a real challenge. But with the right individualized treatment program – one that includes intensive therapy, quality special education and advanced medical and nursing care – our children can learn skills, move forward and develop their abilities in all functional areas.

ADI is a the forefront of providing Israeli children with the high quality programs they need to maximize their potential. Whether as part of our Special Education School, Child Development Center or Outpatient Rehabilitation track, we provde a wide range of innovative and motivational programs that help children and young adults discover and develop their potential and lead to advances in physical abilities, emotional wellbeing, creativity and sociability.

ADI programs include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, gardening therapy and music therapy and so much more. 


ADI 4 U, an innovative program under the auspices of ADI Jerusalem and in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, provides a unique combination of free informational services, support, assistance, guidance and counseling for families of children with disabilities.

ADI 4 U offers study days for professionals in the field of parenting, family and social work who help people with disabilities as well as seminars and support groups for parents, siblings and grandparents of people with disabilities. 

The ADI Hotline, a central component of ADI 4 U, plays an important role in the community as an easily accessible facilitator and source of information, fielding dozens of calls from families of children with disabilities from all over the country. 

The novel Special Babysitter initiative enables parents of children with disabilities to locate and partner with potential babysitters experienced in the care of children with disabilities via WhatsApp and Facebook.

The Center’s services are available to everyone, free of charge and with maximum availability.


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